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Little is known about the painter Cortés Matas, except that the internet is blessed with many pictures of gorgeous mid-century paintings by him. He often painted beautiful women in a uniquely rich, saturated style. The story goes that he was an artist of some fame, who lived in Madrid in the middle of the 20th century, with a flamenco dancer wife who was often the model for his paintings. For decades, he sold his works to tourists and military men stationed overseas, and when they came home to the United States they brought their treasured paintings with them. He often signed his work “Cortes” or “Cortes Matas,” including the copies of other paintings he produced. It has been noted that many of the paintings date from before 1940, since they often have nails securing the canvas rather than the generally preferred style of staples, invented in 1940.

This painting is in remarkably good condition. The carved wood gilded frame shows a bit of age, but nothing that detracts. The voluptuous woman is ageless.

28" H x 22" W x 2" D