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A work of sculpture as much as a fine furniture piece, this gorgeous example of asymmetrical Deco design is amazingly well-crafted and quite fascinating. Finished on all sides, it can be used to divide a room, store your books and keep your art work organized. It could also hold media from every decade since it was built -- store your vinyl records, 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs and we've scientifically figured out that it can hold 22,196 mini-SD cards. Even a small flat screen TV -- you know, the size TV that allows one to confidently claim membership in the "I Don't Own A TV" club but still catch Masterpiece Theatre. Yes, a TV small enough so as to not be distracting to the one guy in the book club meetings who secretly does like silly slports. We are not sure why he comes actually --  he never says anything specific or even kinda interesting and worstlier, he eats all of the chips even though they aren't his favorite kind. At least he leaves the hummus alone. I don't think he's going to last. Anyway, buy this crazy cool piece of furniture and your life too can be everything you always wanted and MORE! 


41 inches L x 30 inches H x 21 inches D

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