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 Beautiful oil on canvas rendition of a European City Scene. Very "X" and "Y" axis oriented, quite abstract but paints a picture clear as a bell. To me, the most interesting choice by artist B. Nardini is the offset placement of the lettering on the shop signs. Notice how all three are floating above their respective awnings, as if we are seeing this through the eyes of someone who is quickly glancing back over their shoulder, or perhaps through the window of a moving car. As if it's all jumping around a bit. Reminds me for some reason of when, in a movie, at the last split second of one scene you hear the sound of the next scene begin before that scene actually comes on the screen. People are sleeping in bed, then suddenly you hear the roar of a crowd over the last few frames of the people sleeping and THEN they cut to the visual of the roaring crowd. It's some sort of dove-tail editing trick that they teach you at NYU Film school for $75,000 a year. It's completely illogical and should take you out of the story, but it never does, and in fact seems right. That's what the displaced lettering on these signs is to me. Completely illogical but makes perfect sense in the frenetic but telling tone of this great piece.

Painting is in very good condition with no issues. Frame is very ornate and in fine condition structurally and aesthetically, mat has a couple of small stains at the top but it doesn't detract from the whole.

Sister painting in first pic is by A. Rosi and is very close style and theme-wise -- so much so that a certain patron of the arts decided to have them framed and matted to exactly match each other. As of now, both are available either together or separately.

33 H x 21 W x 1.5 D; Painting alone is 24 H x 11.25 W


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