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It's New York's Hotel Astor, and this is quite a big affair in honor of the 40th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. Jacob Siegel, who may or may not have been a gangster. Whatever he did for a living, he had a lot of friends. Had this been a decade later, the women would be in big pearls and pastels--but this is November of 1945, mere weeks after the end of the big war, and dark practical dresses are still the order of the day, even for gangster (probably) banquets. Look at those grapefruit halves at every plate, topped with maraschino cherries. Fancy. Did Mr. & Mrs. Sigel retire to Tucson, Arizona, where this photo was framed? Alas, we will never know, because we have other (though not necessarily better) things to do with our time. Original photography, original wood frame, everything in good vintage condition.

19.5" x 11" H x .5" D

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