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"The Mighty Mouse of Portable Typewriters". This German-made Gossen Tippa is a small, low-profile typewriter in great aesthetic condition, and it functions well too. The typeface is notably small and elegant. We have replaced the ribbon, and new ribbons are easily purchased for future reference.

The "6" key seems slightly bent so needs to be used with care, so as not to trip up the other keys; also, the tab key is not working for us (but could likely be repaired). 

One of the original portable typewriters, Invented and manufactured in Germany, this small yet fierce typewriter hase a rich history. You can read more about it here:


Like used cars, typewriters are wonderful machines, with many moving parts. We have taken care to test them and reflect their functionality accurately. They are built to last as long as you give them the routine maintenance that they need to perform at their best. We are NOT a typewriter repair facility and we are not equiped to fix any real mechanical issues; therefore, we only sell typewriters that are working well. We cannot be responsible for mechanical issues that may arise after you own the typew