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Of all the mid-century Nelson Miller clocks, this is one of the most iconic. The round brass clock perched on the elegantly improbable tripod base, the thick Lucite, the modern styling with that touch of red in the second hand...it's all there and all gorgeous. This one is in unusually mint condition and the plug in electric motor runs quiet and keeps time well. This piece will sit on your desk like the icon that it is, many decades old and looking as crisp and put-together as if trips to the moon still gathered people in excited groups around single television sets.

6" H x 4" W x 3" D

George Nelson, who would become one of the most famous of the mid-Twentieth Century designers, was hired by the Howard Miller clock company (an extension of Herman Miller) in 1947 to design clocks. It was a fruitful relationship that lasted for more than three decades, with over 100 clocks credited to the partnership. They came in many shapes and sizes, but all shared certain tenants of modern design that Nelson was known for, such as the general absence of numbers.