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These are not so much bookends as small metal works of art, and in fact the famed Brooklyn-based Kronheim & Oldenbusch Company hired well-known sculptors of the day to create the molds for their extremely intricate cast metal bookends. By the early 1940's, they had closed their doors, but not before they created some of the most sought-after Deco era bookends available today.

This set of handsome knight crusaders is an excellent example of their work. They are cast grey metal with a polychrome finish of bright vivid red that remains in excellent condition. The dark blue helmets are more subtle but also in great condition. And just look at the detail on the armor, the face, the shield--impressive and in excellent condition, with lustre and shine and only subtle signs of their 9+ decades on earth. In short, they are good looking and bring an entirely new level of adult antique street-cred to any bookcase, even if the bookcase itself is from IKEA.

6.25" H x 3" W (at base) x 2.75 D (at base)--about one and quarter pound each.

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