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Superbly executed mirror sculpture of a modern cityscape. Mere photos do not do this piece full justice. It looks magnificent and different from every angle, making it endlessly mesmerizing to view. Quite substantial in both size and weight, this piece could easily anchor your modern decor. Would also go great in an old farmhouse, if one were looking to cut through all of the farm animal pictures with something a little different and cool...er. Yes, I said it, I prefer the city. And you would too if you could live in the one in this piece. Mostly because it would be the 1980s and you would have 30 years of your life back with which you would, of course, make better choices. Or maybe just different ones. Then everything would be the same but different. So on second thought, maybe stay where you are and just enjoy that notion from the safe distance of 12 feet as you walk by and catch a glimmer of this glimmering wall sculpture in your present day living room. Man, this one got real deep -- see what this piece does to you?


100% structurally sound, no missing tiles, no chips or cracks in the mirror, two very minor dings to the bottom right and left outside corners of the frame (see pictures). Virtuously unnoticeable when the piece is hanging up so definitely nothing that will detract from the whole whatsoever.


36" W x 27" H x 2.5" D