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Evelyn Embry is still alive and well and contributing to her own impressive body of work. This nude, possibly a self-portrait, is very much in the style for which she is so beloved. The strong steady gaze this woman gives us assures us that she is not so much posing nude as inhabiting her own body. The ethos of the 1970s were influenced in many ways by the hard-fought progress of the Women's Rights Movement; the very fact that the bio on the back refers to "Ms. Embry" instead of Miss or Mrs., is quite noteworthy in light of the era.

This professionally framed print is #158 out of 750, and seems to have been purchased in Nov. 1977, judging by the handwriting on the back. It is in excellent condition and continues to showcase the artistic vision and undeniable talent of Ms. Embry.

37" H x 31" W x 1" D