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Artist Thornton Utz was as much responsible for the idealized family vibe of the American mid-20th century as anyone else. With illustrations for Coca-Cola, Ford, and over 50 Saturday Evening Post covers to his credit, beginning in the 1940's, he was hugely prolific and influential in the commercial illustration world. That's why we couldn't help but be a little amused and impressed to learn that the man went on to establish himself as a foremost painter of nudes (as well as portraits). The limited addition signed and framed artist's print you see here, from 1980, is an excellent example of his uniquely romantic style, both wholesome and sexy.  The overall condition is quite good. Metal frame, glass. There is a little creasing in middle on right side, nothing major. Numbered 291 of 450. Very pretty piece from an American master.

26.5" H x 21" W x 1" D

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