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Large framed vintage portrait of an intense young woman from 1970, a gorgeous example of that era's collage art.

It is impressive from afar, with the saturated colors and presence that are compelling from across the room. Up close, you can marvel at the many hundreds of torn magazine pieces that have been expertly assembled to reveal our heroine.

Who is she? Is it a self-portrait? The artist (it is signed JAR) has written  "1970 - Photo Montage - Pieces of Photos from Magazines". Whether she is a self portrait as well we'll probably never know.

Interesting that she is perfectly poised at the precipice of a new decade. Her hairstyle is both contained, like the era before demanded, and natural, as the era ahead would embrace.  That is a lot of nuance from little pieces of paper. 

Overall condition is very good. Professional framing is original. 

35" H x 22.5" W x 1"