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You have to hand it to the mid century people. You know, the ones in charge of tone, whoever they were. The sheer scale of this piece, along with the subject matter could easily have gone over the line and given off a "we take ourselves very seriously, and you should too (take us very seriously, that is). But somehow, the time was right, Varathane was new and exciting, the sting of Roman Conquest had basically worn off, and some pretty talented sculptures were under the employ of Vanguard Studios there in California. As such, a few of these great 'story boards' were produced and they really hit the mark -- a little bit of history frozen into a futuristic foam-like substance. What better way to fuse the past with the future! Well, it's nearly fifty years later and, while the world couldn't care even less about the Roman Conquest, a lot has changed regarding our attitude toward synthetic foam substances. But you can't hold it against those hip and talented 1968ers -- they didn't know that there would be a 20 square-mile island of the stuff floating in the Pacific. But you, you hip and cool 2014ers and beyond, you must do the right thing and keep this giant piece of beautiful styrofoam out of the Pacific! SO...buy now, put on wall, learn a bit, save the environment, enjoy!

Overall in fine condition with some minor wear to the finish but definitely nothing distracting, structurally there are no cracks or missing pieces.

63.25 Long x 19.5 H x 6 D at deepest

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