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This serigraph by mid-century American artist Lars Hawkes brings a modern vibe to ancient native-American motifs. Mr. Hawkes seems to have built a successful cottage industry, with the help of his wife and in-laws, creating impressive serigraphs for wall art in the 1970s. There was an awakening to the aesthetic richness of Native American arts & crafts at that time, and the combination of the native inspiration with the era’s bold graphics was a particular strength of Mr. Hawkes work.

This canvas is edged at top and bottom with painted wood, the original presentation by the artist, making it ready to hang on the wall to evoke the casual art vibe of the 1970’s (framing behind glass is so square, man). But also, it’s a high-quality piece of art that is great to look at, with timelessly vibrant black, brown and white shapes. The condition is very good.

36" x 23.5" Overall; Litho only: W 33" x 22.75"