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This is a pair of large black ceramic table sculptures, a man and a women, decked out in full 1980's New Deco style. They are broad-shouldered, nattily dressed and ready for a fun (yet dramatic!) night on the town. They were made for each other, and that's part of their considerable charm. Just a bit abstract, but also not, they capture an artistic moment that is rooted in the 1980's yet has a timeless appeal. 

The condition is very good. Her dress has been expertly repaired after an unfortunately break that almost separated these two forever. Thankfully Mike has a remarkably steady hand and infinite patience, and he was able to put her back together again. Once you know, you can see a very slight surface sheen difference on part of the bottom of her dress--but only because we told you. 

Man: 27.5" H x 13" W x 7" D; Woman: 26.5" H x 14" W x 9" Deep

Free shipping in the U.S. (and done well, so our lovers can stay together).