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Wonderfully strange black table scultpures by David Fisher for Austin Productions, a man and a woman, impossibly thin from the front, all deco angles and vintage style. The 1980's looking back at the 1920's, two distinct eras of decor manifested in this pair.

Austin Productions, well known for their remarkable--and once widely available--array of midcentury table sculptures, always with the company's distinctive mark. Sometimes, not often, they entered into a collaboration with an artist who would also sign the work, someone with their own reputation. Such is the case with David Fisher.

The overal visual impact of these sculptures is great. There are some signs of age, some drips of paint that perhaps indicate a touch up (not by us), we're not sure. The bases are solid stone, the sculptures ceramic, making these VERY HEAVY scuptures.

Showcased in the right spot in your home? Honestly, they are magic.

Man: 16" H x 9" D x 6" W; 16" H x 6.5" D x 6" W