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Original pencil lay-out drawing used as a background template for the Superfriends cartoon in the 70s. Highly detailed and quite skillfully crafted, most likely by that guy you knew from high school that doodled crazy stuff on his notebooks non-stop and easily went the full four years without ever looking up at another human being. Crazier yet was that he could have drawn your sarcastically distorted face to a tee, again without ever looking up at you. Let's all give thanks to the comic book industry and its derivatives for giving these shy but decent and amazingly talented people some honest and steady work.

Professionally framed and matted with some creasing and two thumbtack holes in the upper left corner. Some numbers written in pencil that appear to be associated with frame sequence. Certificate of authenticity included, although we make no claims as to the authenticity of the certificate of authenticity. We think there's some good info on it but let's just call it 'for entertainment purposes only'. Overall, this is a very cool and rare piece of 70s nostalgia, as well as a hell of snazzy cityscape!




19.5 x 17 3/8 x 5/8s (frame); art is 12 x 10