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These impressive golden metal candlelabras can be organized in an endless number of ways, depending on what suits the occasion!

Place them at seperate ends of the table to move the candle light around, or make a center piece for a focused arrangement, or just put them on the mantel for ambient light. 

The alloy of metals that allows Dirilyte to be so pretty, so durable, and so resilent decade after decade was invented by a Swedish metallurgist named Carl Molin in 1914. By the mid-century, the American company Dirilyte was selling their beautiful golden or silver hued flatware and tableware into homes all over the country, all produced in Indiana under the watchful eye of Mr. Molin and the other Swedish metallurgists he brought with him to the exploding mid-century economy of the U.S. of A. 

Dirilyte ended production of its in 1986, and our hunch--based on the neo deco aesthetics of these candle holders--is that these were created in the years just before that. 

They are heavy! And that's a good thing, they have the substance of quality, and the trademarked Dirilyte finish is holding up beautifully. We think Carl Molin would be proud.

9.25" L x 4" H

We have two (slightly different) pairs of these candle holders, the last three photos show the two sets together; the other set is here.