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These large and quite heavy ceramic sculptures also happen to be candle holders, but their function is secondary to their impact as objets d'art. The funky angles have a Memphis Design quality, but in metallic rather than the more customary primary colors. The designers at ArtMax, which organized in 1990, seem to excel in unique home decor objects in the silver and metallic palatte--a cool niche if ever there was one. This sculptural pair probably dates from the mid-1990s. There are some surface nicks and a bit of wear, but honestly, it's possible those are part of the plan, as obviously the aesthetic is about looking used and weathered.  A very unique pair.

Tallest: 17.5" H x 6" W (at widest) x 4" D (base); Medium: 15" H x 5" W (at widest) x 3.75" D (base)

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