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Without a doubt, these are some of the most glamorous mid-century chairs we have seen. Before we get into their intrinsic aesthetic merits (just look at the curves, the sheen, the low-to-the-floor-ness), we should tell you that the fabric defies the laws of time and space by being almost unused after more than 50 years. Here’s why: they were covered from day one (circa 1957) with very thick, custom-made clear plastic covers, with snaps and seams and all, that fit them expertly—and kept the amazing metallic weave upholstery as gorgeous as the day it was made. We had the seats professionally re-stuffed beneath the original (yet minty) fabric to complete the fairytale and bring these chairs back into service as new-old stock. Wood legs show the tiniest bit of surface wear, but the pieces are 100% structurally solid and ready for another half-century of stylish lounging. These chairs have waited a long time for their close-up, Mr. Demille.


26.5” H x 29” D x 40” W; Seat is 14” H, back is 34” L x 15.5” H


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