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In 1980s New York, there was more than one brash real estate developer throwing his weight around. In the money-drenched Petri dish of Manhattan’s building world, Harry Macklowe is as reliable a figure of high-stakes drama as certain other people who might come to mind. At 80, for instance, he’s currently embroiled in bitter divorce proceedings from his wife of many decades so he can marry his much younger mistress. But we digress. Back in 1987, his PR efforts included an effort to jump start the historic relevance of his new not-yet-built Macklowe Hotel (now the Millennium Broadway) by enshrine a chunk of excavation rock in Lucite. A piece of recent history, a conversation starter, a classic NYC souvenir…whatever you make of it, it’s intriguing.

4.5" H x 3" Diameter

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