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The surface decorated mirror was a popular 1970's phenomenon, but as is always the case, some were better than others. This one is unusually nice. First of all, it is round--always a winning quality in a mirror. It also has polished aluminum banding around it, giving it a richness that it would not have if it were merely flat. This in turn gives it heft; when you pick it up you know you are holding a substantial wall hanging, not some flimsy dime store mirror. The contrast of the geometric lines with the tulip design is classic mid-century modern, and of course the color scheme of yellows, oranges and white is uber-70s. The outlines of the design have the appearance of metal solder, though they are probably the same acrylic as the rest of the picture. The condition is quite good, with only some minor loss of the graphic decal at a few spots.


24" Diameter x 1.2" Deep