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This red and white beauty hails from the days of painted wooden wall clocks, a long time ago when plastic did not roam the earth with such impunity. The "self starter" tells you this is not a lazy clock...but of course, none of them are. This just refers to the fact that in the 1940s, just because you plugged a clock in did not mean it could start running without a little help from you.

But that is no longer relevant here either way, because we have replaced the original electric movement with a (double A battery) quartz movement while keeping the original hands that have been machined to fit the new movement. In other words, you can have your cake and eat it too, no plug needed.

There are signs of wear on the paint because it's 60+ years old, but honestly, it all looks great. The back must be removed to set the clock, but it is not hard to do, two simple screws is all it takes.

7.5" Diameter x 2" Deep

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