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This clock was made by a small wood working operation in West Virginia, where they (quite sweetly) used the opportunity of the State Quarter Program (1999-2009) of the U.S. Mint to celebrate their own state in the form of this starburst wall clock with the quarters embedded at the number markers.  The West Virginia quarter was released in 2005. 

Unlike many woodworking projects with coins embedded, this design has a mid-century modern vibe and, actually, the coins are just a subtle part of the overall impact. You don't need a connection to the great state of West Virginia to enjoy this clock on your wall, but if you have one, it's a little bonus that you can choose to mention to your houseguests or not, when they inevitably compliment your good-looking wall clock.

There are a few small chips in the wood that do not detract, but should be noted before purchasing.

Wood, blue mirrored glass, quarters, black metal hands. Quartz movement uses double a battery.

11" Diameter

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