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Wonderfully ornate resin wall clock from the fun people at Syroco. This really cuts a nice line and it's in nearly mint condition, save for a few tarnish marks on the brass face. That's how your friends will know you didn't get it at Target or on Amazon and as such, there aren't two hundred million others exactly like it, with another two hundred million on their way on the slowest and largest boat ever coming from China. Has an audible tick tock but it's a clock, people. 8-day wind-up movement was a real breakthrough in the mid century, which meant that they no longer had to remember to wind their clocks once a day. Nope, once a week was plenty and so, with even less discipline required to maintain a life of punctuality and decency, thus began the decline of Western Civilization. Honestly though, 60 or so years into the 'Great Decline' and things really ain't so bad. So just enjoy this clock for what it is, a beautiful piece of kinetic, ticking sculpture for your wall, and from now on, let's agree to keep politics out of clocks. 

19" Diameter, Face is 5" Diameter, 1.5" Deep

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