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The Universal Statuary Corporation made a lot of shlock. Cutesy, flowery, sappy, grandmother's forgotten display case, hugely boring kind of stuff. And then this. Charles Bronson in 3D! Somebody under their employ must've secretly "gotten it", because this piece just plain exudes cool. The soldier's cool, he's got a cool look, it's a cool representation of him, all cool, cool, cool. And so skillfully executed. The detailing is breathtaking, from his piercing gaze (you definitely get the idea that whatever he's looking at was soon rendered stone-cold dead!) to his chiseled chiseled features, to his warrior headdress. The anonymous artist (one of many employed by USC) who produced this was a master carver equal in prowess to his gladiator subject. And to boot, he looks like my tough-guy dad (yes, people always tell him he looks like Charles Bronson).

Made from molded polystyrene. Very fine condition with no obvious aesthetic or structural issues, other than a chunk that is missing for the bottom toward the back of the piece. It is completely hidden when hung up so it's not an issue. See pic #7.

26 H x 20 W x 7 D

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