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The artists at Vanguard Studios were very excited about this new "Varathane" foam/resin-type sculpting material and it really shows here in this well-executed abstract cityscape which was artfully carved from the medium. And the fact that it's made to look as if it were chiseled from an old backyard fence just adds to the underlying relaxed and ad-hoc nature of this great piece. Very good shape both aesthetically and structurally, weighs both more and less than you would think, depending on how much you've had to drink (5 pounds). "Varathane...bringing great ideas to life." We don't think that the "Varathane" people had a slogan for this product but they should have, and that should have been it. "Varathane"...making two dimensions into three." That one's good too...


Metal plate signature on back reads "Vanguard Studios, Inc. 1968"

35.75 W x 14 H x 3.5