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Someone forgot to tell the Polish artist Tamara De Lempicka that as a woman born in 1898 she was not supposed to be a total rock star painter. Or, maybe they didn’t forget, and she simply forgot to listen. Thank God, because her art is AMAZING. Vibrant, angular, sexy, large and very Art Deco.

This large, gallery-quality art print can still be ordered new online, but then you’ll have to get it framed. Alternatively, buy this one, already beautifully framed and ready to wow your living space with…well, large gorgeous naked people that Ms. De Lempicka called Adam & Eve. (No silly fig leaves, because this is the 20th century, not the dark ages)

Measure before purchase, this is a large piece, all the better the transform your space.

Please Note: Normally we ship domestically free of charge, but if you are outside the NYC area, there will be a shipping surcharge on this item, based on your location. Please contact us with your shipping location and we’ll let you know the cost.

47" H x 32" W x 1" D