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"The Hermes 3000 is regarded by many to be one of the finest portable typewriters in the world, the most advanced manual made and also one of the most sought after due to its reliability and clarity of type. Many writers often preferred the Hermes typewriters to others because of the quality pages they produce.  Larry McMurty, the Pulitzer prize winning author for Lonesome Dove and co-writer for the adaptive screen play Broke Back Mountain, even thanked his Hermes typewriter during his golden globe acceptance speech. “Most heartfelt, I thank my typewriter.  My typewriter is a Hermes 3000, surely one of the noblest instruments of European genius.” -from TypewriterTechs

Excellent typewriter in very good functional and aesthetic condition. Comes with origional cleaning brush in the original carry case. Great soft turquoise aqua color!

Like used cars, typewriters are wonderful machines, with many moving parts. We have taken care to test them and reflect their functionality accurately. They are built to last as long as you give them the routine maintenance that they need to perform at their best. We are NOT a typewriter repair facility and we are not equiped to fix any real mechanical issues; therefore, we only sell typewriters that are working well. We cannot be responsible for mechanical issues that may arise after you own the typewriter.