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Nothing says mid-century glamour like that modern miracle, Lucite. This sleek coffee table, made from a single piece of thick, bent acrylic, is clearly a cut above. It has tremendous presence, yet a light and airy touch. If you have a great rug you don’t want to hide—viola! Items placed on top appear to float, and part of the fun is marveling at the physics of the design. It is in very good vintage condition. The acrylic has been restored with an intense polish, and there is no clouding. There are some very minor surface scratches from wear, but they do not affect the overall clarity or aesthetic of the table. Table is solid although one who was sober obviously wouldn’t want to sit on it. Height is .25” lower at the end than at the bend – IT’S NOT NOTICABLE VISUALLY AND DOES NOT AFFECT ITS ABILITY TO HOLD A DRINK. All in all, it’s a terrifically unique piece.

36" L x 9.25" H x 16" D, Lucite is 1” thick

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