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This is a very surreal bridge and cityscape. I'm quite intrigued by this piece but don't really know what to make of it. There is some sort of opposite-energy thing going on -- the sky is black but the sun is out. Could be some sort of statement, either the End Of Days or perhaps a statement about how smoggy it is there. Whatever the true meaning it will almost surely never be discovered as there is no info on artist "K. Weingarten" that we can find. But my guess is that he or she wanted us to enjoy, wonder and discuss and isn't that really what art's all about? Buy this painting, hang it on your wall, enjoy, wonder, discuss...

Painting is oil (or acrylic) on canvas, work itself is in fine condition although that black canvas does show a bit of dust in places, matting has some staining which is pictured, frame is structurally fine with a few nicks. Overall this is a very unique and attractive work and will surely set off some discussional sparring at your next get-together.


29 W x 23 H x 1.75 Deep; Painting itself: 23 W x 17.25 H